Wednesday, 22 October 2014

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NerdBevy Limiter launches "RepairAm" online platform for gadget repair solutions

NerdBevy launched its website RepairAm, an online platform for people to get the best gadget repair solutions instead of tossing the damaged electronic.

Over the years, NERDBEVY has discovered that repair of Gadgets like: Laptops; Tablets, Printers, Game consoles, Smart phones e.t.c are a major problem for many Nigerians, especially when it comes to issues of trust, data confidentiality, and originality of parts .Hence the hero,

RepairAm takes care of all your gadget repairs with 4 simple steps:

Order a Repair - We pick up the Gadget - We Repair - We Deliver

 RepairAm boasts of the latest technology in order to carry out repairs to a very high standard. Our extensive attention to detail ensures we are offering the best repair services, which simply cannot be matched.

Ademola Odebode, Co-founder of NerdBevy Limited stated: We have created RepairAm to stimulate and revolutionise the technology market in Nigeria. “We have trained technicians to ensure customers are provided with exceptional repair experience that will exceed their expectations”.

About NerdBevy

NerdBevy Limited is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company that commenced operations in January 2014, and has been able to provide solutions both to existing and developing firms. We offer a comprehensive program and expertise on, Software development, Web Solutions, Hardware repairs, Maintenance and Servicing of Information Technology equipment.

NerdBevy aims to deliver the best in customer awareness and lifestyle-enhancing products and services that anticipate customers' needs. We understand that customers are on -the-go, mobile, busy and expect seamless services. We understand the needs of customers and deliver the right products and services at the right time, helping our customers, simplify their lives and enabling them to transact their day to day business and lives easily, ensuring a great user experience from start to finish.

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