Friday, 31 October 2014

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Zuriel Oduwole featured in COMPLETE FASHION MAGAZINE

Arguably Nigeria's most detailed and professional glossy fashion magazine with a who is who of the entertainment industry covering each edition, Zuriel Oduwole has just been featured today in the e-edition of the magazine, with her fashion debut at the recent Nollywood Movies Awards.

Called Mt ZAAI, a style she created with her younger siblings, it is an expression of control, influence, color, married with innocence and simplicity. Zuriel, who made her first formal appearance at anything "Nollywood" at the awards night in the Intercontinental Hotel in Lagos last week, was the toast of cameras and many TV stations, who waited patiently to speak to this award winning documentary film maker.

Featured in Forbes magazine at age ten in 2013 - and still the youngest person in the world to be accorded that honor, she was listed in New Africa Magazine as one of Africa's 100 Most Influential people in 2013, and New York based Business Insider named her the most powerful 11 year old in the world in April 2014, because of her influence and ability to speak with a variety of business and political world leaders, especially Presidents, on issues that relate to children and education.

So, it is fitting that Mt ZAAI reflects a combination of power, influence, but the innocence and colors of a child at ease, and in control. We would look our sometime in the future, possibly for the formal launch of her casual but powerful brand and style of dressing.

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