Wednesday, 12 November 2014

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AfrikanMbiu Magazine Features Mi Casa in New Release

Afrikan Mbiu is an online lifestyle magazine whose only purpose is to promote African culture to African people. ‘Mbiu’ is a Swahili word which translates to horn. Traditionally in African societies, horns were used to call villagers to one specific location so that news of what is going on in the village is shared. ’Afrikan’ is a combination of the word ‘Africa’ taken from both English and Swahili. In Swahili, Africa is written as ‘Afrika’.

The magazine is the horn that brings all Africans together so that lifestyle news can be shared
Of the company’s first issue release the editor-in-chief, Jullianne Obonyo said, “Africa needs to brand itself positively. It’s important that we share the good news about our continent so that people see that there is more to Africa than all the negativity we are used to seeing. Dr. Dambisa Moyo (author of Dead Aid and How there is a better way for Africa) argues characterization of Africa falls into four parts. Continue...

 She argues that if you travel anywhere in the world and you say the word ‘Africa’, what comes into people’s minds is some combination of these four: poverty, corruption, war and political instability and disease. If we don’t talk positively or showcase the good positive things about our continent, no one will.”

The magazine is released once every two months and is  accessed online from our website. There have been three issuesalready. The latest featuring South African house trio MiCasa. See the issue below

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