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DateStyle: Femi Adekanbi Shares The 50k Look For Your 50k Date

This is a style post i found on a fashion blog and i decide to share here.

Sometimes some peepz made up their mind in taking part of the “50k date” currently trending on social media, but do not know what to wear. I believe it’s important for you to know what to wear so as not to increase your expenses. Based on my reasoning, I’ll believe 50k date isn’t a movie date but a formal event. So I will prescribe perfect style-guide to our gents. Also, I think it’s important to take note of these three critical reasons why you should dress well even if the 50k hurts.

1. Dressing well puts you in a right state of mind;
2. Dressing well for another shows respect;
3. Physical Attraction Matters. Well, I won't delivrate so much on this reasons and I believed they are all self explaned.

Your Style-Guide to the Perfect Dinner Date;
Navy Blue Blazer: #25,000
Go with the tested and trusted navy blue blazer. A tweed fabric blazer would be perfect. This man’s style-saver has time and time over shown that it helps men look more masculine and authoritative. You don’t want to look like the 50k is hurting.

Stripped Shirts: #5000
A clean striped shirt tones down the outfit from being too official to relaxed mood. You should go with sky blue strips to blend with your navy blue blazer.

Denim: #5000
They are essential to men as they have been around from the first season of fashion for men. Denims have not only managed to be trans-cultural, trans-seasonal, but proven to be man’s best friend in times of what to wear. Go with a easy on the eye denim.

Oxford shoes: #15,000
Make sure your shoes are well brushed and in good condition. Ladies always notice the shoe (maybe because they love shoes), no matter how dark your venue is.

With paisley pocket square in your front pocket, a nice watch on your wrist, you show your date that you pay attention to details. Cuff links that depicts something to you isn’t bad too – like a photographer wearing cufflinks made like a camera lens. Possibly, a conversation starter.

Final Note
Basically, that’s all to say. Just be mindful of where you are going too. Because with that 50k -you are on a budget if you live in some parts of Lagos.

Thanks, as always, for reading. I would love to hear what you have to say. Kindly leave your thoughts in the comment section below. What will you be wearing, would you have your ATM card with you just in case it comes in handy, where are you taking the special someone? Let me know.

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