Thursday, 14 January 2016

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Tragic: Body of Retired Music Teacher Found in Her Home 2Years After Death

The body of a retired music teacher
Lucie McNulty has been found at her home two-and-a-half years after she died. It is believed she died from ischemic cardiovascular disease.

She would have been 69 if she was still alive today and is thought to have died in mid-2013.
Neighbours say they had been calling police to check on the woman but authorities say although they called at the house they never had any 'legitimate reason' to go inside.

Gerald Congdon, from Wells Police, told the
Portland Press Herald : “We never had any legitimate reason to force our way into the house.”
“It is a sad situation. She was the type of person to always have her shades down and her curtains drawn. She was very much a loner.”

Police said they need obvious signs of neglect, such as piled-up newspapers or mail, or some other evidence that the person may have come to harm before using force to enter a property.

-Mirror Uk

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