Wednesday, 13 January 2016

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UK Rapper M.I.A faces Lawsuit from PSG Over Jersey Worn in Music Video

PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN have issued British rapper M.I.A. with a letter to express their anger at the presence of the French club’s jersey in one of her music videos.

In the self-directed video for Borders, the 40-year-old (real name Mathangi Arulpragasam) is seen wearing a PSG replica shirt as refugees climb fences and travel in boats.

The French team Paris Saint-Germain has requested the video be taken offline because M.I.A. is seen in the video wearing a modified version of the club's shirt. The shirt has the words "Fly Pirates" across the middle instead of "Fly Emirates" and Paris Saint-Germain’s belief that M.I.A. wearing their jersey suggests that they’re a part of the refugee problem, the team’s general manager penned a letter to M.I.A.’s label.

In a letter addressed to Universal Music and signed by PSG chief executive Jean Claude Blanc, the club said it received an “unpleasant surprise” upon seeing the video, which was released in November.

M.I.A. posted the letter in full on Twitter earlier today and has since been retweeting messages of support.

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