Tuesday, 16 February 2016

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Kanye West tells 'white publications' Not To Comment On Black Music' During Grammy-night Twitter Rant

Seems Rapper Kanye West is not getting enough after he unleashed his latest Twitter rant on music's biggest night. The rapper asked 'Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, New York Times' to 'not comment on black music anymore,' called Puff Daddy 'the most important cultural figure in his life,' said 'I don't understand what it means to be the great grandson of ex slaves' and also noted that the 'system is designed for colored people to fail and one of our only voices is music.'

He also revealed that his album will never be on Apple and will never go on sale but will only ever be available on Tidal, the digital music service which is subscription based and owned by his friend Jay Z and other music artists.

On Sunday Kanye said during another Twitter rant that he would have over 100 Grammys before he died. He currently has 21 Grammy Awards.

He also wrote; 'I'm practicing my Grammy Speech. I'm not going to the Grammys unless they promise me the Album of the Year!!!'

Earlier the American rapper,says he is $53 million in debt, asked Facebook Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion into his 'ideas' over the weekend.

'World, please tweet, FaceTime, Facebook, instagram, whatever you gotta do to get Mark to support me ...' wrote West.

The rapper also asked Alphabet CEO Larry Page to help him with his financial troubles.

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