Thursday, 18 February 2016

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Turkey: Another Bomb blast Hit A Convoy + Syrian Kurds Blammed for Ankara Attack

On Thursday morning, an explosion hit a military convoy in Turkey’s south-east, killing at least six people following the perculiar incident that happened at the Country's Capital Ankara on Wednesday of which 28 people were killed durring the car bomb attack.

The Thursday incident happened to a security forces traveling in a military vehicle on road linking Diyarbakir to the district of Lice. The military said six people died and one was seriously injured after the car was remotely detonated.

Ahmet Davutoğlu, Turkey’s prime minister, said Wednesday’s attack was perpetrated by a Syrian national with links to the Syrian-Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). The outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ party (PKK) assisted with the attack, he added.
“We collected intelligence all night,” Davutoğlu told reporters in Ankara. “The perpetrators have been fully identified. The attack was carried out by YPG member Salih Necar, who came in from Syria. Nine people were detained in connection to the attack.”

Davutoğlu said Turkish intelligence had established where the militants had crossed into Turkey and how their networks were organised.

“This information will be given to all countries, primarily the five permanent members [of the United Nations security council],” Davutoğlu said, once more underlining Turkey’s position to refuse the YPG’s participation at UN-brokered Syria peace talks in Geneva.

“The evidence that shows that the YPG is a terrorist organisation will be given to all countries. We want full support from our allies. I am appealing to those who want to invite the YPG to the table as if they were a democratic organisation. Just as we don’t sit down with al-Qaida and Islamic State, we cannot sit down with the YPG either. Those that see Turkey’s enemy as their friend will lose Turkey’s friendship.”

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