Thursday, 29 December 2016

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Boko Haram Militants Teaches Children As Young As 13 How To Rape Their Hostages


The militants tell their young recruits they will 'have fun' sexually assaulting their captives, according to a boy soldier who fled from the Nigerian jihadists.

The group, who have pledged allegiance to ISIS, are reportedly increasingly turning to children to boost their ranks having sustained bad losses in the last year in battles against the Nigerian military.

One boy, abducted by Boko Haram in Baga, Nigeria has described how senior fighters spent two days instructing youngsters how to carry out rapes - repeatedly attacking women and young girls they were holding captive.

According to Philip Obaji Jr, A writer of Daily Beast, the 15-year-old, named only as Ahmed, revealed how boys were taught to subdue their victims and told not to allow women to 'overpower' them.

Ahmed said: 'The girls will scream and cry for help, but [the militants] didn’t care. Sometimes they’ll be slapped and threatened with guns if they didn't cooperate.'

He added that young fighters were told they would 'have fun' on completion of a successful mission.
A girl who escaped Boko Haram also told the Daily Beast how she had been raped by 'little boys' who were so little she could normally fend them off 'very easily'.

One 'looked like a 13-year-old having sex for the first time' - but succeeded because he had a gun.

The shocking details emerged as it was claimed Boko Haram fighters fleeing an attack on their base last week may have used some of the girls kidnapped in 2014 from northeast Nigeria's Chibok as human shields to prevent being fired upon by fighter jets.

Major General Lucky Irabor, theatre commander of Nigeria's military campaign against the group, showed a news conference aerial footage he said was filmed during the operation in the Sambisa forest that showed Boko Haram fighters moving with Children and Women.

"The haggard fighters were just using them as a shield," Irabor told reporters in the northeastern city of Maiduguri. "That is why we did not engage them from the air."

-DailyMail UK

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