Thursday, 29 December 2016

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South Sudanese Model Mary Agory Opened Up About Her Career + Advices Upcomming Models

In a recent interview with Zen Magazine Africa, the stunning South Sudanese model talks about her lifetime in the industry when she was told her facial scars will hinder her modelling career. Speaking to Dami Alao, the New York based model opened up about her career and why young kids in school don’t need to rush to become a model.

She was asked on what advice would she give to aspiring young models. Her reply Below...
Mari: If you are in school, don’t rush to become a model. Finish your schooling. I was a latecomer into the industry because I wanted to finish school first and wouldn’t have it any other way. I was told I was too old at age 20 to start modelling then. I was told my scar is a hinderer but that didn’t stop me from gaining the little bit of success I have had in the industry. Once in the industry, never ever take anything personally. The minute you start doing that you can bet you will start to go crazy and lose your sanity. Modelling is a business, everyone else sees it as such, and so should models. You are a walking business and you must manage your image, protect and polish your character and image accordingly. Take care of yourself mentally (never stop learning), emotionally (have support around you, don’t lose touch with yourself), intellectually (engage and surround yourself with people who are striving for great things other than just modelling), and spiritually (seek ways to stay grounded and staying true to yourself).

Click Here To read the full interview conducted by Dami Alao

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